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Redemption Trailer WIP

Behind the Scenes: Arbatskaya - Shot 6A-2.0 VFX Timelapse
This shot is a nod to all the fantastic sidescrolling platform games that are out right now, like Limbo, Deadlight, Ori and the Blind Forest, and Mark of the Ninja. Stay tuned for more!

Behind the Scenes: Arbatskaya - Shot 6A-4.0 VFX Timelapse

Check out a timelapse of how we create the VFX for Redemption, taking one shot from start to finish.

Behind the Scenes: Hideout Awakening - Part 4 Final Composite
Here’s the first pass for the shots in scene 5A that appear in the trailer for Redemption.

Behind the Scenes: Hideout Awakening - Part 3 Compositing

The background movement was tracked in Mocha for AE, which is an ideal tool for this type of track (area based rather than point based). Then the tracking data was applied to the original plate footage with the option to Stabilize. This freezes the background in place so then the footage itself moves.

A comp was created large enough to contain the moving footage and rendered a single frame with camera settings that matched the larger comp.

The comp was cropped back down to the original size, and a negative version of the camera track movement was applied to the CGI background, so the background would move opposite of the camera pan direction, to simulate the camera pan.

Once everything moved correctly, the composite was finished the same way as the others.

This is a panorama created from photos we took on top of the actual Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow. We couldn't get into the bell tower unfortunately, but we were pretty close!

Here’s a trick I used to avoid lengthy render times of multiple frames by using only a single rendered frame for the background of shot 5A-2.0.

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