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About Redemption
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The Metro.

It was once the heart of Moscow, a thriving underground subway whose network of tunnels spanned the entire breadth of the great city. So deep and impenetrably constructed that it doubled as a nuclear fallout shelter and housed the world’s longest escalator, it’s darkest tunnels also served as ground zero for the launch of a terrible infestation. For the last twenty-three years, the Metro has been overrun by creatures of the night. Human in form and cloaked in black, they thrive in the deep shadows of their underground fortress. The Russians call these foul beasts the vurdalak, a name associated with ancient mythical demons of death.

No one knows the origin of the vurdalak invasion. Local militia and government military forces attempted to root them out, but their numbers continued to multiply. Every officer and soldier that entered the depths of the subways never returned. In desperation, the government abandoned the Metro and sealed every entrance. As Redemption opens, the once bustling Metro stand shunned by humans, the trains silent, the tunnels home only to vermin of the darkness. Life on the surface progresses, albeit haunted by the beasts that prowl beneath the city and the heavily barricaded subway stations that rise from the underground to mark the entrances of hell.

Redemption follows the lovers Theron and Lyubov as they unwittingly awaken the vurdalak with their playfully careless exploration of the Arbatskaya entrance to the Metro. Their brief presence at the barricade gains the attention of these vile creatures, and finally draws them out of hiding and onto the streets of Moscow...

In order to enhance the tension and dramatic effect of the story, the entire narrative of Redemption is told visually--without any dialogue. This short film will be dramatically designed in the style of a graphic novel with limited color. This stark minimalism—which reflects the stark doomsday reality of the film—will be similar to a blend between the illustrative line art in A Scanner Darkly and the black and white—mixed with splashes of color—high contrast palette of Sin City.

Redemption will contain thrilling, intense fighting sequences of fast-paced, brutal combat and occasional use of slow motion to further emphasize the graphic novel style. Most of the imagery throughout this site comes directly from the film’s storyboards and hints at its final visual impact.

Despite the Moscow Metro locale in the short film, Redemption will be produced primarily in Denver, Colorado, with some external help from fellow students of the Academy of Art University during post-production. Pre-production is already in progress and will continue on through the summer as we finish creating costumes, weapon props, dismembered body parts, and finalize other preparations before production begins.

Principle photography will begin fall/winter of 2013, the majority of which will be located at America’s Best Martial Arts Studio. (Big thanks to Mark Baier--owner and chief instructor of ABMA--for allowing us access to this incredible location!) We will transform the dojo into a large chromakey studio after the normal class times during the weekends, for 90% of the shots in the film. The rest will be shot in various locations throughout Denver.

Post-production will begin in early 2014 and likely span throughout the entire year.

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