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Call to arms
Redemption Trailer Work in Progress

Interested in helping? We could use your help! There are many ways to help, from cast to crew or even simply donating to the cause. What cause you may ask? To restore the monster horror action genre to its former glory of course! We must pry it loose from the vile clutches of those sparkly tween romance pretenders. A redemption of sorts. Please contact us if you would like to help and indicate what your interests and skills are.

  • 3D Modeling - A variety of Moscow and Metro locations will need recreation in three-dimentionality, as well as various body parts (detached from the body of course).

  • 3D Animation – Said detached body parts will need to fly and bounce with grace and precision. The hunter’s sword will need to be drawn back into existence (several frail vampires requested a safer prop during production).

  • Photogrammatry – We roamed the streets of Moscow to photograph key locations (one right next to the Department of Defense!) and captured them from every angle in high detail. Photogrammetry techniques will be used with these photos and those of actors to rapidly create textured 3D assets.

  • Matchmoving & Chromakey Removal - 75% of this short has been shot on green screen. Many of those shots will be moving. You do the math.

  • Rotoscoping - Many shots will require refinements to the matte and line art style after the graphic novel treatment has been applied. It’s safe to say that MOST shots will require some form of rotoscoping.

  • Particle and Fluid Dynamics - There will be blood. Lots of blood. We need specialists to supply that. Maya experience is a plus, but not necessarily required as other software solutions may be acceptable.

  • Compositing – All these assets will need to be combined into one giant soup of awesomeness, with the graphic novel treatment on top. A stylistic blend between Sin City and A Scanner Darkly is the goal.

  • Audio - With the lack of dialog in this short film, the importance of good sound effects and music will be key. The sounds of vampire heads rolling must sing. Audio is being captured on set, but it will need cleanup and a lot of added foley work. This short will also require a dramatic musical score.
  • Motion pictures are an incredibly expensive endeavor, and as a student film the budget comes entirely from the director’s shallow pockets. Donations are greatly apreciated and will be put to good use. Everyone who donates before the release of Redemtion in 2015 will receive special thanks in the credits.

    *Please note: You are donating to Arthur Bullock Jr, the creator of Redemption. All donations will be used to cover the production costs of Redemption.
      Redemption movie is a student project, and is not a non-profit organization. Your donation, although greatly appreciated, is not tax-deductible.

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